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Wayumi / wī yo͞o mē / wãyumƗ: Whenever the need arises, the Yanomami will abandon their village to embark on an extended, open-ended journey through the ju



Wayumi is an odyssey transcending boundaries of culture, space, and time, illuminating a voyage of the human spirit.

As the son of an American anthropologist and an indigenous Yanomami woman, David Good is the legacy of two divergent worlds intersecting. Now, David embarks on a mission that will take him from the suburbs of New York to the most remote regions of the Venezuelan Amazon with the purpose of reuniting his family, who have been separated without contact for nearly three decades.

This undertaking pits David and his mother, Yarima, against the Amazon’s remote, rugged landscapes and the labyrinth of government bureaucracy. Against a backdrop of verdant beauty and the encroaching threats to their ancestral homeland, David and Yarima navigate parallel universes, shaped by cultural norms and beliefs as disparate as the worlds they symbolize.

Wayumi urges us to contemplate our shared human experience and the invisible connections that weave our lives together. As David and Yarima’s quest unfolds, the film transforms into more than a documentary—it becomes a mirror to the shared journey and unbreakable bonds that define us all.

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